Effective email marketing – How to run an email campaign?

Effective email marketing

The recipe for an effective email campaign is seemingly simple. Create a good mailing list and then send an intriguing, convincing, interesting text in form and content. The secret, however, lies in the details as usual.

Effective email marketing tip 1.

Send to those who want to receive your message

The mailing list is good if the people to whom you send the message are genuinely interested in the content of the message. Otherwise, the message may have the opposite effect. Instead of encouraging certain actions, it irritates. You can create a list of such people in several ways: by encouraging people to subscribe to a subscription list on your website or by buying from a specialized company the contact details of a specific group of customers interested in receiving offers. The first solution, although much more time-consuming, is much cheaper. It does not require any investments except for a well positioned website with interesting content.

Effective email marketing tip 2.

Find out as much as possible about customers and competitors

People who are successful in writing persuasive texts are not necessarily among the most creative. They do not come up with headlines from the air. They learn so much about the product or service, customers, market and competition that what needs to be written to convince readers to act becomes obvious. Determination:

– what motivates customers to buy,

– which causes them doubts,

– what the product must be in order for them to consider it exceptional,

– how best to meet their needs,

– what are the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors,

– which distinguishes your product/service from those of its competitors,

is labor-intensive, but writing an effective sales message is almost impossible without it.

Effective email marketing tip 3.

Encourage the reader to act immediately

Write the whole message with the thought of what you want to achieve. Encourage the reader to immediately do what you want, but don’t try to achieve too much right away. Don’t expect a person who receives your message for the first time to immediately make a decision to buy software for tens of thousands of dollars. Maybe it’s better to set a goal to persuade the customer to click on the link, which will be tantamount to a request to send a promotional article with additional information about the product?

Effective email marketing tip 4.

Often provide customers with valuable information

Many companies consider frequent contact with customers as one of the most important ways to increase the effectiveness of mailing. It’s not about bombarding the customer with continuous offers. Get used to the fact that your messages contain interesting information. Send e-newsletters, articles, alerts, white papers and case studies. Always on a topic of interest to your customer.

Effective email marketing tip 5.


As many companies have already noticed that frequent contacts with customers quickly produce good results, customers receive more and more news. Whether or not your customer opens a message is often determined by 5-6 words.

Effective email marketing tip 6

Personalize messages

Everyone likes to read messages from a person they know and who addresses their words especially to them. That’s why e-mails are most effective when you send messages from your personal account, address the addressee by name, and when individual segments of the target group receive versions of messages that meet their specific needs. Sometimes this means creating several versions of messages, which can take time. But this investment quickly brings results.

Effective email marketing tip 7.

Diversify the way you send messages

It often happens that in order to advertise one service (e.g. a conference or training) a whole series of properly planned e-mails is sent. It is difficult to write each of them originally, but it is necessary to keep the customer interested in messages from you. Therefore, diversify the form of sent messages. For example, you can interview your company’s CEO to explain why your products are so good quality. Or with a satisfied customer. Other people’s statements can play a role similar to that of advisors or trusted friends.

Effective email marketing tip 8.

Act on emotions

Using phrases that affect emotions increases the effectiveness of the marketing message. Using phrases such as: if you do not extend your subscription to the end of today, we will have to remove you from the list of our subscribers will cause most people to think at least for a moment about whether nothing is lost without deciding to subscribe.

Effective email marketing tip 9.

Don’t forget the order confirmation messages.

While it is difficult to attract the reader’s attention and encourage him/her to open a promotional message, messages confirming acceptance of an order for a product or service are read by the majority of customers. Use such messages to promote products or services or cross-selling.

Effective email marketing tip 10.

Maintain high quality

The application of the guidelines described above means that the number of texts that the marketing department needs in order to carry out its actions is growing rapidly. Remember, however, that one poorly written e-mail can damage your reputation. If the marketing department, which is busy with planning marketing actions, setting budgets and sending various messages, does not have time to write this content in the company, assign this responsible task to an external copywriter.

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