Create your own ebook – How to create your own ebook?

Creating an eBook

There are many articles about techniques of generating an ebook by a generator or text editor, but none of them addresses the issue of its appearance, aesthetic and visual value, it simply does not focus on text editing. One thing is certain. Many people are interested in the issue of ebooks, because an ebook distributed for free on a website automatically increases its value and the author’s expert laurel. Looking through many such free books I noticed a lot of errors, which the most glaring will be listed below.

Mistakes in creating your own ebook

1. Is justified good?

Justified composition resembles a traditional book, so authors like to use the justification function. Unfortunately, justifying in regular text editors such as MS Word, OpenOffice is unlikely to have a good effect. If the spacing between words is large, it’s better to resign from this option. It’s better to have text in a flag than sloppy justification with terribly large holes in the text.

2. Indentations

Another problem I see very often is the large, even exaggerated, paragraph indentations. Never press the Tab key to make a paragraph indentation. If you want to make an ebook, you can even completely resign from paragraphs, because their sufficient distinction is the space, the gap between one paragraph and another, usually the size of one line. The indentations only make sense if we want to emphasize a new thought. However, using an additional distinction in the form of space and indentation seems to be unnecessary and particularly offensive when the indentation is too large.

3) Small margins, large column

Authors generate an ebook from a standard A4 format and with standard margin settings without interfering with their basic settings. Usually the standard settings are not always the best. This results in a huge column of text and little space between them, resulting in faster fatigue to the eyes during reading, which in turn causes discouragement. To get rid of this problem it would be enough to add even more writing. Probably generating PDFs with a 12-degree New Roman Times. Or would you like to try it with 14 degrees? Electronic reading is not tiring if the poem is not too long.

4. Use prudent colouring

And finally, something that seemed to be behind us a long time ago:)

I saw an ebook with an exceptionally poorly selected colour scheme. The colours were bright, and what’s worse, the headlines were folded with them. Readability and aesthetics were terrible. Such colours appeared at the beginning of the Internet’s appearance (at the end of the 90’s and also at the beginning of the 21st century).

These are just a few points that should be considered before you write and generate an ebook. The ebook does not have to look like a traditional book, but it should be, first of all, legible and secondly, aesthetic because these functions are responsible for its quality, emphasize the merits of the knowledge contained in it and also create an image of the brand, which each of the authors probably cares about:) A sloppy publication does not encourage reading and may result in lenient treatment by readers of the alleged professionalism of the author.

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