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Blog about diet, fitness

Many people associate diet with something unpleasant that will require us to eat things we do not like. Maybe it’s worth solving the problem and start blogging about a tasty diet. You can learn about your readers’ preferences and what they like to eat. With the results of the analysis you can compose sets of dishes that will be both tasty and healthy for your readers.

When it comes to fitness, a lot of people would like to practice, but there is no time or money for regular attendance at a fitness club. In such a situation it may be worth writing articles on how to practice at home. You can also include in your posts your ideas for replacing professional equipment with what we have at hand.

Automotive blog

Here you can publish posts or tutorials on how to repair a car, what are the most common causes of failure, where to buy cheap accessories and components, what to follow when choosing a mechanic. You also write about novelties in the industry. Who knows, maybe your dream will come true and you will be invited to the Top Gear program.

Blog about new technologies

A very broad topic. You can write about equipment that has just appeared on the market (new laptops, smartphones, tablets). Another idea is a blog about mobile applications worth using. You can also try to create a ranking of popular and useful applications. Another topic related to new technologies is webmastering. On such a blog you write what tools you use to create websites.

How to make your website friendly for Google search engines?

If you are a webmaster you can also publish articles on the evaluation of available hosting services on the Internet market. By the way, another topic on the blog is the use of Google applications and tools in everyday life and business.

Blog about cultural events

Many people do not know what they can do with their free time. And in this area you have room to show off. On the blog you describe interesting cultural events that will soon take place in the immediate vicinity. You can write about how to buy cheap tickets for a concert or how to get them for free. Another thing – where to find a place to stay after a concert or other event. Get to your accommodation as quickly and cheaply as possible. Where to find a cheap or free parking place. Simply become a cultural and party specialist by blogging.

Blog about photography

Photography is your passion. So set up a blog on this subject. Write about what is worth paying attention to when choosing photographic equipment. Create a mini course for taking professional photos and tutorials on how to process photos in a given program.

Blog about sitcom

I personally avoid all sorts of sitcom, I’m sorry for the time. I know, however, that there are people who are better not to disturb between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. Then their sitcom marathon begins. Well, yes, but how to turn a serial passion into blogging? In a simple way. On the sitcom blog you write about the behavior of given characters in the film. You can also reveal your feelings about how the role of sitcom characters will develop. Will Mariano finally abandon Natalia in favour of Marianna?) In your posts you can also write your opinions on how to make the sitcom more popular. Who knows, maybe in this way you will get a role in your favorite sitcom.

Blog about finance and investment

Many people hit these niches. They think that they have the biggest money in them. What if the topic doesn’t attract you a little bit of attention? You probably won’t even earn a zloty then. What are my suggestions for blogging on this topic? You can write about which spheres of life you can save money in. For example, how to save on water, electricity, how to get tickets to the cinema or theatre cheaper, how to find cheap shopping opportunities.

In case of investments you don’t necessarily have to publish posts about all available investments. You can become a specialist in one area, for example investing in forex, investing in stocks, bonds, land property, investing in apartments for rent, investing in hotels, investing in office buildings for rent.

The third category in the field of finance is earning. Here you can publish simple as well as more creative and complex ways to earn money. You can take into account which predispositions are desirable in order to take care of a given earning activity.

Blog about personal and spiritual development

There are many subcategories in this topic. Here you can describe methods for finding meaning in life, increasing your productivity, managing emotions or yourself in time. You can also discuss how to increase your memory or potential for using your brain, how to relax, how to fight stress, how to learn how to read quickly.

Blog about animal

You are an animal lover. Start to publish posts, how to take care of your pet, or how to feed and nurture him. You can also publish your opinions about available accessories on the market. A blog on such a subject may also be the first step towards setting up an online store on this subject. Who knows?

Blog about idols, celebrities

You are the idol of a celebrity, footballer or actor. You can publish posts about the lives of stars, their ups and downs, and all kinds of rumours about them.

Sports blog

Here you have a wide field to show off. Beginning with a blog on football and ending with extreme sports. For example, on such a blog you can write what accessories, equipment are necessary for practicing this type of sport, how to protect yourself against injury, where to find a professional shop with accessories and equipment. In areas such as sailing and diving, you can write about the courses you need to conduct this type of physical activity.

Travel blog

If you travel frequently, you can keep a blog about the places you have visited, how to reduce transport costs, where to look for accommodation, what preparations should be made for a given type of expedition. It is about various types of vaccinations, clothes and other things that should be in your equipment.

Blog about Internet

You love being in an environment like the Internet. Here you have a wide field to show off. You can write about the interesting websites that have appeared on the market, where you can find a source of legal and free software, audio, videos to download, how to use the Internet safely so as not to fall into the traps of scammers. You can also publish posts about various auctions, shopping opportunities on the Internet.

Test blog

Blog about all kinds of tests. Starting with car tyres and ending with the evaluation of the effectiveness of the cleaning products.

Blog with jokes

Sleep with jokes like a sleeve. Additionally, you are the soul of the company. A blog on this subject is something for you. An interesting idea here is to publish posts not only in the form of text, but also to support yourself with infographics and video recordings. First of all, people react more vividly to images than to dry text.

Collector’s blog

Collect stamps, coins, old photographs – share them with others and create your own community of collectors.

Blog about construction, renovation and furnishing of a house

You can start with how to find the right plot of land, how not to overpay for it, what mortgage to choose. Then, what criteria to take into account in order to select the right professionals for finishing works, how to conclude contracts so that in the case of an dishonest service provider you do not stay with the proverbial hand in the nightcloth.

If you have a certain sense of artist, you can also publish posts on interior design, i.e. the selection of appropriate furniture, curtains and other accessories.

Blog about Internet business

If you want to run a blog on this subject, write about what are the ways to promote business online, how to advertise effectively and reach the right target groups, how to commission some things, such as writing texts for a blog, running a fanpage or positioning our online store, what places on the Internet you recommend to find good and reliable service providers, and what kind of advice you are discouraged from doing.

Blog about language learning

If you know any foreign language, create a blog about effective language learning. Write about how to make learning as enjoyable as possible for us and not to postpone it all the time.

Tutor’s blog

You are fluent in mathematics, physics or any other subject. Many people are looking on the Internet for information on how to solve a problem in these topics. Who knows, maybe by sharing this kind of knowledge on the Internet you will find people who will buy tutoring from you in the future.

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