Best WordPress plugins for blogs

What WordPress plugins should I choose for my blog?

In this article you will find 10 useful WordPress plugins necessary for the proper functioning of your blog. If you have a blog you can’t fail to know it!

Just installing a blog based on WordPress software may not be enough for your blog to be fully functional and tailored to your needs. It is worth looking for blog plug-ins. You can find thousands of WordPress plug-ins on the Internet.

However, I do not recommend installing many plugins, but only those that you need and will use from the moment of their installation. Installing multiple plugins slows down the functioning of the blog and may cause conflicts between plugins, resulting in poor functioning of the blog.

Necessary plugins for WordPress

It is not an art to install multiple plugins, but to find the right ones. My list of WordPress plugins is not long, but they are very useful plugins, especially considering SEO (search engine optimization of the blog) and functionality. All the plugins I mentioned are absolutely FREE, and a basic knowledge of English is sufficient to operate them.

AKISMET – plugin for WordPress

A plugin that checks comments for spam and gives you the opportunity to view the captured comments. This plugin requires API Key. In order to get such a key you need to create an account on and the key will be sent to you by e-mail. This key should then be entered after logging in to the administration panel of the blog in the folder with plugins.

Platinum SEO PACK – plugin for WordPress

Super plugin for blog optimization with respect to search engines. It gives, among other things, the possibility of additional optimization of post title, tags, description. Many think that this plugin is better than All-in-one-SEO.

WP Database Backup – plugin for WordPress

What would you do when you open your blog one day and here, as a result of errors, your posts and other data have been deleted? This plugin allows you to back up your blog whenever you want. You can set automatic “backup” and the backup will be sent to the email address you specify. stats – plugin for WordPress

A fantastic plugin, thanks to which you will be able to observe various statistics concerning your website in the cockpit of your blog. Among other things: which keywords your website is searched for, which links visitors click on and others. The plugin is not a substitute for Google Analytics, it is only a supplement to it in the sense of easy access to your website’s statistics.

WordPress Popular Posts – plugin for WordPress

This amazing plugin allows you to see which entries on your blog are the most popular and have the most readers. By configuring the plug-in you can choose, among other things, from what time frame you want to show such entries, how many of them and many other functions.

Audio Player – plugin for WordPress

If you want to publish files on your blog also in audio format – mp3, then this plugin is ideal for integrating these files with your blog, you decide where to place the player. You can also configure it according to your needs.

Google Analytics plugin – plugin for WordPress

This plugin easily adds your Google Analytics code to all pages and posts on blogs, and has many other features that are extremely helpful for analyzing what is happening on your blog.

Page Links to – plugin for WordPress

This plug-in in a super fast and easy way will allow you to connect your website or blog entry with another external website. It works in such a way that when someone clicks on the name of a particular website you have created, it is automatically transferred to the external website of your choice.

Google XML Sitemaps – plugin for WordPress

A very important plug-in, thanks to which every time you publish a new post or subpage on a blog, a special map read by search engine robots is created. This map contains the link structure of your website and other important information. It allows you to explore your website in more depth. You must have it!

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